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CyberThread (formally known as Sinclair Software) develops custom business software solutions for a broad range of industries. We can source, evaluate and integrate existing solutions, or develop custom or bespoke systems to fit your requirements.


iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Apps
CyberThread produces high quality iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Apps. They can be made publicly available through the App Store or restricted to people within your organization.

Law Firm Custom Software

Law Firms
CyberThread has considerable experience customising Law Firm software systems. Two of our products have been specifically designed for law firms. The first saves emails into the matter's correspondence folder and the second is used to fill out your own Legal Precedents quickly and easily.

Excel Macro Programming

Excel Spreadsheets & Microsoft Access Databases
Businesses often create Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (or Microsoft Access databases) to process information. These can often grow out of control as more data is added and they are used by more people more often. Let us add our professional touch to make your Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets & Microsoft Access databases more robust and fault tolerant.

Custom Software Reports

Custom Reports
CyberThread can develop custom reports to suit your needs. Reports that collate and summarise data to help managers make decisions, inform customers and help staff with their daily tasks.

Professional Software Developers